5 Budget-friendly Ways to "Workout Fashionably"


Fashion is the only thing that can enliven a woman’s mood no matter how much she is feeling low. Another pair of footwear, trendy outfit, a statement bag or just a pair of earrings – these are some of the basic requisites a man should always remember. Going to a gym is never exciting.

While for some women, it's simply the best way to lose weight, some women simply accept it as a part of schedule. Since exercise is an essential part of your fashion and beauty regime, you ought to never miss it. Also, for this you should add some interesting elements to keep you motivated for the gym.

For some women, the best piece of workout sessions is workout clothes. They are stylish and in fabulous colors to energize your state of mind. If at any time you see them in splendid shades, it will be in workout clothes.

We understand that most of you loathe this everyday practice. We have seen women appearing in their normal salwar-kameez to gym quite often and having no other choice, they figure out how to come in proper footwear, yet their dressing sense is not up to the mark in the gym.


Based on the sort of activity you do and your body type, you ought to pick your bottoms as required. Shorts, cropped leggings and stretchable pants look great, provided you feel comfortable in them. Try not to go for repetitive style, when you are looking out of the blue. Pick pants in various styles and hues to keep up the mood. You can also buy running shoes online to match with them.


The yoga pants are amazingly stylish and cool. So a time comes in almost every girl’s life, where she takes a decision to bid adieu to one of her favorite clothes. Then you retire one of your favorite pair of lounging pants, which lived a good life with you and saw you through many summer days and rainy nights and even your occasional workouts. After bidding them goodbye, it is time for you to replace them with a similar pairing that provides comfort and space. The yoga pants are exactly what you should go with to workout in style. They also go hand in hand with running shoes for women.


Tank tops can serve multiple purposes here. You can wear these stylish tops outside apart from working out. There is no need to change your dress before walking out of the gym. Such tops are specially designed for gym and available in fun prints and bright colors. Go for some loose fitting pieces in cotton fabric as cotton helps your skin breathe easily. You can wear fitting tops, only if you are doing yoga and your trainer has to check the right movements.


The neon element enhances your workout look. Who said neon is only for summer? Gym is one of the best places to plunk them down. You don’t need to overdo this shade, but a little addition to your footwear or stripes on your pants is quite sufficient to jazz up your look. A neon tank top can also make you look really cool even during rigorous workout sessions. You can also look out for sports shoes online to get the neon touch.


You’ve worn those long shocks at school. Now keep them at bay and opt for short socks. These are ultra-chic and comfortable for workouts. Just make sure that your socks are made of material, reducing sweat and giving your feet some space to breathe.

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