5 Ways to Flaunt Your Sports Shoes “outside the Gym”

  • May 21
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Athleisure is one of the unique trend to surface the fashion world. If you have been following the track of the style lanes, you know this term for sure. In any case, for those ignorant folks, athleisure alludes to clothing styles that incorporate athletic wear with every day contemporary design. Channeling full on hip-hop road style, athleisure is tied in with making exceptional dualities by blending your lively running shoes with clothes other than active wear.

This trend is just as easy as the fashionistas make it look. All you need to keep in mind are these essential tricks to get it right in order to join the bandwagon.


Sports shoes for men are primarily designed for functionality, not fashion. That doesn’t mean they can’t be worn as a style statement; all you got to do is choose them appropriately. The usual way most people go about the business of buying sports shoes now is hitting Google with a “best sports shoes for men” query and go with the brand that is most popular or affordable at that time.

However, for getting your athleisure style right, go for shoes that match your wardrobe. Buy sports shoes that can be easily paired with at least 3/4th of your current wardrobe, if not all.


Take care of the color palette while pairing your outfits with running shoes for men. If you are in no mood to experiment, then choose shoes in neutral colors like white, black, and grey. Pair them with clashing colors’ outfits to nail this trend. The presence of bold colors like red, green and blue can bring attention where it’s needed – on the bottom. If your shoes are patterned or printed, try to keep your outfit as neutral as possible.


When it comes to matching jeans with men’s running shoes, it all boils down to the fit. Try to find balance in your outfit by sticking to this basic – if your shoes are heavy, your jeans needs to be tapered. Slimmer leg openings will jam better with chunky shoes. For denim colors, the most versatile choice would be light washed denims as they go along with almost every color.


Wearing pants with running shoes may not sound like a good idea, but if done right, can look trendy. A clean pair of running shoes with traditional pants, cuffed at the hem to nail the hipster’s go-to casual look. Make sure that your pants are tailored to fit you properly, and aren’t slouchy at the ends. Cuffing them right at the ankles will make your look savvy smart. While naked ankles are in trend too, a bolder statement can be made by wearing interesting socks with quirky prints.


Trending as certified loungewear and lazy-boy staple, joggers are here to stay for long and they look great when paired with some classic running shoes. Go for comfortable joggers that are neither too loose nor too fit to play it safe. Getting the fit right is the key. Wear a monochromatic outfit and throw a pop of color with a pair of statement shoes for a funky look. For a more interesting look, choose joggers with detailing around the cuffs to make them stand out from everyday active wear.

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