5 Best Hiker Shoes in India

  • December 29
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Hiking takes man closer to nature. It is an excellent cardio workout that improves blood pressure, boosts bone density, and lowers your chances of contracting heart diseases. As far as your core strength is concerned, it improves your quadriceps, glutes, lower legs, and hamstrings. On a lighter note, hiking boosts your mood, calms down your mind, and offers a fresh outlook towards life.

Shoes play a crucial role when you are up for a hiking trip. A pair of good hiking shoes are essential for comfort, and to protect your feet against harsh conditions. Moreover, they also offer good traction on steep, rough, wet, slippery, and muddy terrain you are bound to encounter while hiking. Choosing the right pair of hiking shoes can be an overwhelming process for a beginner. Keep reading on, as we highlight the five best FURO hiker shoes trending in India right now.

FURO Hiker H20002

Just one look at the FURO Hiker H20002 hiker shoes is enough to make you fall in love with them. The best part about them is that they are ergonomically designed for hiking on every terrain with ease. The anti-skid system and shock absorber feature will keep your feet firm on wet and slippery surfaces. If you are looking out for hiking shoes that can offer you a perfect combination of comfort, looks, and durability, you have reached your destination.

FURO Hiker H20006 Black

You cannot afford to miss this black beauty. It offers everything that a young hiker would need in their hiking shoes. Be it comfort, durability, traction, you name it, and the FURO Hiker H20006 has it. You see, the best part about this shoe is that it is made from breathable air mesh, to keep your feet fresh, cool, and dry throughout your trek.

FURO Hiker H20004

It is perhaps the most modish and fancy looking hiking pair of shoes you will ever get to see. Young men love this shoe for its unique colour and durability. If you are a beginner, and up for a long hiking trip, FURO Hiker H20004 has to be on your list. It comes with moulded PU at heels for excellent support. Moreover, the deep lug of robust rubber in the sole ensures superb friction.

FURO Hiker H20006 Grey

Hikers should trust the best when they are out shopping for the right hiking shoes. This shoe has everything that a new hiker would need in his initial trips. The protective heel cap will offer you perfect stability, both to your rearfoot and upper foot, giving you a comfortable hiking experience. If you are up for a lengthy and rugged hike, it can be the best trekking shoes for you.


FURO R1033

Hiking, running, and jumping are co-related physical activities. They all require a shoe that has a flexible sole to offer the maximum pump. The tyre inspired sole of FURO R1033, along with the moulded counter stiffener offers excellent heel stability to the wearer. Moreover, the pre-moulded bubble socks are the USP of this hiking shoe that will offer supreme comfort to your feet.


Every foot is unique and requires special care. Therefore, it is crucial to try on different styles of hiking shoes for men to identify the best one for you. A pair of good hiking shoes is the one that has outstanding cushioning, functionality, support, stability, and breathability. FURO Sports has to be your ultimate destination when it comes to buying hiking shoes. Browse through their exclusive hiking shoes for men range, and pick the best one for you.

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