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If you love running, which is considered the cheapest way to stay fit, active, and energetic, you need to invest in a good pair of running shoes. With so many options available in the market and new ones coming up now and then, choosing a perfect pair may turn out to be an overwhelming experience. Different technologies are used in different running shoes. FURO Sports running shoes are designed for different foot types. If you are looking for a suitable pair of running shoes for women, look for shoes that fit you well and are comfortable to wear. There are a few more factors that can help you make a well-informed selection.

Check Pronation

When exploring various shoe options, check the pronation of the shoe. It is the rolling of the foot right from the heel to toe. Ideally, there should be a neutral or proper foot strike pattern. It helps in reducing stress when running on hard surfaces. The shoe chosen must correct overpronation and underpronation or supination so that your feet experience minimum stress when running.

Choose as per your Foot Type

It is important to understand that running shoes are designed as per different foot types. Thus, before buying a pair, check your foot type and buy accordingly. The best way to find your foot type is to take the “wet test.” This test helps in checking the arch height of your feet. There are running shoes available from FURO Sports, a reputed shoe brand for women with a low arch, high arch, and normal arch. When you know your specific arch type, it is easy and convenient for you to buy women’s running shoes online.

Know Your Gait Type

Once you have found out about your arch height, next find out your gait type. How your feet behave when you are running hard also matters a lot when choosing a pair of running shoes. There are shoe models available with Furo Sports Running Shoes for Women that best accommodate different gait types. There are four basic gait types- underpronation, mild-pronation, severe pronation, and neutral pronation. 

Once all these factors are explored, and the right gait and arch type are established, you are now ready to buy the best quality running shoes. There is no dearth of options available in the market, one brand that in fact, gaining widespread popularity for its high quality and athleisure running shoes is Furo Sports, an Indian Running Shoe Brand.

Furo Sports brings an amazing collection of running shoes. When planning to buy a pair, here are a few options that you can check out.


  • Motion Control Shoes- For the uninitiated, it is prudent to note that these shoes are designed and built on a straight last. Check the bottom of the shoe. It is a motion control shoe if it has a wide, straight shape. These shoes are perfect for women who overpronate and have a flat foot. This shoe keeps the wearer protected from rolling in too far. It gives amazing control and maximum support to the foot.  
  • Neutral Cushioning Shoes- Furo Sports shoes come with the most curved shape. These are perfect for wearers who supinate and have a high arched foot. The neutral cushioned shoe helps the foot effectively absorb the impact of running on hard surfaces.  
  • Stability Shoes-These shoes are designed with a semi-curved shape. People who pronate slightly and have a normal arch will find this shoe perfectly suitable for their feet. It offers a lot of support, cushioning, and excellent balance to the wearer.

Furo Sports has come up with running shoes for women that are not only high in quality, but also a fine example of athleisure. Wearing these shoes, fitness-conscious women can rock their look in and outside the gym with equal grace and panache. These shoes are designed to look cool, fashionable, and attractive, helping the runner to amplify her look even when sprinting across hard surfaces. Check the Furo Sports website and buy women’s running shoes online

These days, running shoes are also worn when going out for an informal get-together or just to have a cup of coffee. Shoes from Furo Sports are a perfect example of a cardio-to-coffee look that is super easily and effortlessly pulled off by the wearer’s style. When planning to go out right after a workout session, don your sweatshirt, track jacket, or a hoodie, and you are ready to rock your look. 

When planning to buy the best running shoes in India, visit a leading multiple brand outlet or FURO Sports exclusive stores and find the best pair that suits your precise requirements and style.

Wear your chosen shoes and be part of the athleisure trend. Pair them with tracksuits or dresses and look super-cool and feminine without overtly trying to flaunt this unbeatable look. Furo Sports running shoes are sure going to help you flaunt serious fitness and fashion goals for others to follow. 

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