How to Choose Best Running Shoes for Women

  • November 25
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When it comes to staying active, nothing beats a morning jog in the park. Whether you are aiming to stay fit, or are beginning to train professionally, a good pair of quality running shoes is necessary. However, with numerous options and brands available it can often be confusing to find the right pair or running shoes.. If you're looking to buy the best running shoes online, keep the following things in mind.

One type DOESN’T Fit All

While some of them might look like sneakers, running shoes for women are designed to prevent foot injuries with specific cushioning to aid in shock absorption. Depending on the type of terrain, you can choose shoes that work on soft or hard tracks. For example, tough tracks require high levels of cushioning and push back mechanisms. Based on your needs you can opt for everyday running shoes, lightweight running shoes for intense workouts, or professional trail running shoes.

Check for Pronation Control and Heel-Toe Drop

Pronation refers to the amount your ankle or heel rotates or rolls inwards with every step. Ideally, this roll should be neutral to maintain balance, and there shouldn't be overpronation or under-pronation. Heel-toe drop is the amount of material under the shoe's heels and toes, depending on the individual need. Stability shoes for arched feet or motion control shoes for flat feet are available from brands like Nike to FURO Sports. Brands like FURO Sports – a new entrant in the Indian market, offer affordable and superior shoes for each foot type that reduces stress from running to maximize performance.

Go For the Perfect Fit

While buying the best running shoes for women, keep in mind you have an inch of space left between your foot and the ends of the shoe. Feet tend to spread when you run, and also the different gaits (extent of pronation) of each woman could affect the comfort levels.Check out brands such as Reebok, Puma, FURO Sports that offer a variety of options depending on your needs.

Know What You Are Paying For

When it comes to a good pair of running shoes for women, an expensive running shoe correlates to better technology and comfort. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy a run. Brands such as FURO sports offer a wide array of super-flexible, comfortable and lightweight running shoes that make your every run a ‘jog to remember’. You can also get tracksuits, tights and all your other workout essentials to gear up and sprint in style.

There are plenty of women's running shoes online; however, some are overpriced despite offering the same features and technology as others. If you want something new that has superior quality at affordable rates, then FURO Sports products are the ones to try. From different styles and features of running shoes to choose from, to the other athleisure picks for women like tracksuits or tights, you can get the entire workout attire essentials in one place. Comfortable, cool, and lightweight, FURO Sports products will help you walk, jog, run, and sprint in style.

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