Five Active Wear Looks to Sport This Summer


You’re probably more than familiar with athleisure now. Fading the lines between fitness and fashion, it’s a trendy style aesthetic preferred over a designer look—especially if you’re someone who rocks gym clothes at least 90 percent of the time. For example, running shoes for women can amplify your looks even after you are done sprinting.

The prominence of athleticism on runways has become evident for the last few seasons. Riffing on sport in a way that reads at once cool and elevated, active wear pieces like sneakers, sweatshirts, and leggings are at the forefront—but with a sartorial spin.

In order to execute the directional athleisure vibe, we are sharing the distinct looks to give your workout clothes a fashion-forward spin for occasions when you’re not feeling the burn.


The cardio-to-coffee-talk look is an effortless and super easy to pull off with the right pieces. All you requires is a baseball hat because it’s all about baseball hats this summer. Wear it with a hoodie, track jacket, or crew sweatshirt. This is something that you throw on anytime from running to your workout, taking off, to popping back on when you’re headed to brunch. You can find running shoes online, exclusive store & leading multiple brand outlet to pair up for this look.


A major mistake that a lot of women make when adopting the athleisure trend is that they instantly try to feminize it, like pairing sneakers exclusively with dresses, or track suits with heels. While those are both great combinations, it’s not necessarily the key to pulling athleisure off, especially if you aren’t inherently super-feminine when it comes to style.

Instead, try to wear a chunky sneaker with equally chunky ribbed socks or pair a hoodie with wide-leg pants for an exaggerated, albeit traditionally unflattering, silhouette. There are vibrant ladies shoes online, exclusive store & leading multiple brand outlet that give your outfit a touch of your own personal style.


If your wardrobe is 95 percent black and flowy and all of a sudden you start wearing neon spandex, it might appeal like you’re wearing a costume. In order to keep your forays into athleisure from feeling too jarring, choose clothes similar in vibe to the rest of your wardrobe. Sticking to your basics is just another way of pulling anything off.


The best way of transforming gym clothes into a chic outfit is by adding non-gym clothes and accessories for contrast. For example, you can pair a crew neck sweatshirt with a silky bias-cut skirt, or swishy warmup pants with heels, or colorful sneakers with a pantsuit. These out of the box contrasts help you make an unmatchable fashion statement. You can find women sports shoes online, exclusive store & leading multiple brand outlet to get that non-gym contrast look.


Modern shapes and textures have been reinvented to be workout and technical. Pair bright colors with black, like a pair of chunky statement sneakers against a dark outfit. It’s all about layering and staple colors to go different from a workout vibe to classic cool. You can also pair your leggings with oversized shirts, chunky sweaters, scarves, and long coats. Just choose simple colors that beautifully mesh with each other like midnight blue, white, and sand.

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