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While running is a passion for many, very few people follow the right technique and routines to pursue it correctly. Without the correct know-how of running, they inadvertently miss out on maximising their true potential or, worse, end up getting injured seriously.

In this article, we will have a look at the five running mistakes that you must avoid to keep your enthusiasm towards running alive and kicking.

Skipping the Warm-Up Drill

It is essential to realise that the human body needs adequate warm-up before indulging in any form of physical activity. A warm-up helps in regulating the blood flow across the body and preparing it for running. Starting with a 'cold’ body can lead to muscle stiffness and even injuries.

Also, one should keep in mind that breathing in the right rhythm is also an essential part of any warm-up drill. Runners need to breathe through both nose and mouth as a single source of oxygen is not sufficient to satiate the lungs’ requirements during running. The same breathing rhythm should also be continued during the run to ensure you do not feel out of breath while running.

Abrupt Changes in the Running Pace or Distance

Setting higher aspirations and personal benchmarks for yourself is fine as long as it is done in a gradual manner. Amateur runners fall prey to exceeding their own limits abruptly – either by running at a faster pace or for a longer distance, without proper planning. Everyone does have their own story of accelerating unnaturally during a particular run, only to find themselves in niggle or with a burn-out in the end.

The body cannot cope with this drastic exertion and results in fatigue, followed by running injuries such as ankle sprain, shin splints, runner’s knee, or Achilles tendonitis. Therefore, an incremental running plan is advisable to sustain yourself for a long time.

Incorrect Diet

Just like the quantity and quality of fuel play a vital role in deciding a car's mileage and operating life, the right running nutrition helps build a runner's overall physical strength and stamina. A runner's diet should include a higher proportion of proteins while cutting down on fats and cholesterol. Nutrition experts recommend meat and poultry food such as fish, eggs, lean meats, and low-fat dairy items to extract peak performance from every running session.

While running, our body also loses a lot of fluids through sweating. Regular consumption of fluids, such as water or a sports drink, keeps the body hydrated before, during and after the running routine.

Wrong Running Posture

Running posture is an often-ignored aspect of running. While everyone feels that they are running in a proper manner, the truth is that runners often overlook their body stance. Due to incorrect posture, the body is unable to absorb the high-speed impact upon hitting the ground and becomes vulnerable to injuries.

Runners also assume that taking larger strides will help them cover longer distances in a shorter time, thus making them better runners. This is a myth as over striding is nothing but a waste of energy and efficiency. A good practice is to be nimble in your foot landings and quickly switch your steps to avoid losing time and getting injured.

 Improper Running Gear

Finally, a soldier is only as good as the quality and reliability of the weapon they possess. Similarly, for a runner, possessing the right running gear and running shoes will decide how well they will be able to run and for how long. 

Running gear, which comprises top wear, bottom wear, and running accessories, should be made of fabric, which is light, breathable, yet absorbs the body sweat to the maximum possible extent. Avoid running in casual wear and instead opt for good quality functional outfits.

For a comfortable running experience, check out our quick running shoes buying guide.

Features – Running shoes are a runner’s best companion and must not bargain on comfort, fit, and quality. Always choose a bigger size to allow your feet adequate space while running.

Technology - Choose a shoe that offers the best-in-class technology and is durable to last for a long time.

Pricing – The price tag on a running shoe should not become a hindrance in your passion and should cater to all kinds of customers – from budget to premium segments.

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